Pretty Simple Door - Millennium patterned Glass

Pretty Simple Door – Millennium patterned Glass


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WIDTH 24″ 28″ 30″ 32″ 36″
  • The Pretty Simple panel moulding adorning the face of this door connects it to the comforting, charming aesthetic of the additional finishing elements within the collection.
  • The higher proportion of the 12″ bottom rail correlates with the collection’s higher baseboards and taller rooms found in today’s homes.
  • The glass panel with Millennium pattern ties to shapes within the collection and has the look of antique glass.
  • Tempered Glass provides safety in the unlikely event of breakage.
  • Stile and Rail Door construction provides true 90-degree intersections on the door components which create clean, crisp lines.
  • Doors are built with separate components which allow for natural expansion and contraction under changes in humidity with minimal to no warping or twisting.
  • The Primed Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) facing creates a smooth surface for finishing.